Plump humour which rebounds

I created these shapes from a vocabulary, ideas that follow me in the process of creation. Comfort and autonomy are shaped with humour and gluttony. The bulges will remind the bright, spontaneous, warm, innocent and generous childhood to those who have experienced it. This is a metaphor of a joyful and comfortable interior. With the Jump sculptures I don’t propose an exhaustive representation of our world. It’s neither about adventure, nor about discovery. We could see it more like a truce, punctual and necessary, a moment of psychological tranquillity. It will surely give us courage and hope to jump into future vibrant moments.

« Only those who know how to snuggle up live with intensity ». Bachelard, the cosmos house.

Julia Huteau Bagnol
Jump - L’humour dodu qui rebondit.
Jump - sculpture
Julia Huteau - Piano
Jump - serie Julia Huteau